Truly PVC Limited Nickel, 35/35 (70mm) greenteQ Orion TS007 3-Star Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder Lock Door Barrel Price: £0.00 (as of 03/01/2024 01:02 PST- Details)

TS007 kitemark offers highest level 3-star intruder resistance
Protection against snapping, bumping, picking, raking, extraction
Deters criminals and satisfies insurance policies



Elevate Your Home Security with the GREENTEQ ORION TS007 Anti-Snap 3-Star Euro Cylinder…

Discover the pinnacle of protection with our premium quality anti-snap cylinder, available in your choice of Brass or Nickel finishes and a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Key Features & Benefits:

🌟 Maximum Security: Our GREENTEQ ORION TS007 Euro Cylinder offers unparalleled protection against common attacks, including lock snapping, bumping, picking, and raking. Rest easy knowing your home is fortified against intruders.

🛡️ Sacrificial Breakpoint: During a snap attack, our cylinder’s sacrificial breakpoint releases the external side, safeguarding the cam. It engages an interlocking mechanism that prevents further damage, ensuring your lock remains intact and operational from the inside.

🏆 TS007 Kitemark: Achieve the highest level of 3-star intruder resistance, meeting the stringent standards of security and quality.

🔒 Multi-Layered Protection: Enjoy anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-rake, anti-snap, and anti-extraction features, thanks to four spool driver pins, a sacrificial cut, hardened steel bridge, and more.

🔑 High Key Security: With an impressive 100,000 differs and our Key Security Scheme, you can trust that your keys are unique and protected against unauthorized duplication.

🔒 10-Year Guarantee: Our commitment to performance and security is backed by a 10-year guarantee, ensuring lasting peace of mind.

🌟 Visual Deterrent: Stamped with a 3-star rating and kitemark, our cylinder serves as a visible deterrent, discouraging potential criminals and satisfying insurance policies.

🔑 Easy Operation: Featuring a horizontal keyway and reversible dimple key, operation is effortless and convenient.

Getting the Correct Size:

When ordering, provide the internal measurement first. For example, if your cylinder measures 35mm from the center of the screw hole (under the cam) to the end inside the property and 45mm to the end outside the property, simply order the 35/45 (80mm) size.

Secure Your Home Today:

Choose the GREENTEQ ORION TS007 Anti-Snap 3-Star Euro Cylinder for unparalleled security, performance, and peace of mind. We supply five keys with each cylinder, and each key is stamped with a unique key code, which can be used for purchasing extra keys. Register your cylinder online within 28 days of purchase to validate your proteQ10 security and activate the Key Security scheme, preventing unauthorized key duplication. Your home deserves the best—choose GREENTEQ for ultimate protection.

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